Model years (of work).

It would get boring quickly to go over all the stuff I did for Chevy over several years. But you will hear me say "I worked on Chevy". There's almost nothing like working on an automotive account. People that have and didn't wash out of advertising have come out nimble or are total hacks (Let's assume I'm not a hack). Chevy especially, which at the time had 17 different nameplates and CE handled the entire AOR: including digital.

Hundreds of page designs. (and so many banners)

I've launched Cobalt, Camaro, HHR, Tahoe, Malibu and Volt. Concepted numerous "big ideas". I've done flash Object Oriented programming for chevy.com under the launch of the An American Revolution campaign. Re-concepting (repeatedly) digital components of replacement campaigns.

Director CD-ROMs? Sure. I've worked with multi-agency groups on integration of cross-division wireframes. Have you ever had the gall to come back onto an account that's using as shared UX underpinning across all the divisions, break it apart, and go back to the corporate overlords with why it should be blown up? I can't believe I was dumb enough to do that. International conference meetings, done wireframes. I've been the lead digital designer on the site. Led content teams for chevy.com Concepted and developed a launch site in 24 hours.

I've been the Digital Car Art Director. Digital Marketing (banners) lead. Promotional banners. Smart banners. In-market rich media banners. A dynamic replacement platform for generating static dealer ads that everyone hated working on.

Concepting? I've done that a lot. Imagine a future version of automotive shopping? Yep. I've pitched self-driving cars. Virtual cars that drive on webpages. 365 daily videos for Volt. A real-time Volt electric car drive-off with a name or shame component.

I've had my work called out on Nightline as a total disaster. Had the same thing called out in WIRED as the next thing in advertising. We did the entire project in two weeks for 20K. User collaboration and real-time chats with engineering teams.

We even tossed a promotion out to get the CMO of GM to sell 30 Chevys in 30 days (personally) or he'd quit. That one didn't make it.

"I'll hire anyone that's worked on a car account because they've seen everything." Crap I say