What a nerd.

For almost 15 years, I've been enjoying the fruits of a masochistic pursuit in how to evaporate my free time. It's manifested from one of the largest comic book communities online, to a comic book news site, to now me doing something I've always wanted to do: do my own comics, for me and whomever else wants to enjoy them too.

Fun fact:

'Methods of Fluxion' is a nod to Sir Isaac Newton's treatise on Calculus. How do I know this? Because I love Neal Stephenson, and it plays into his 'System of the World' trilogy.

Above: issues 01, 05, 06, 08, 14, 15, 17
The last iteration of the news site.

The stylistic choices ended up influencing the latest flat iteration. 865(ish) articles, interviews and PR content items. 24 contributors.

This little endeavor started as an exercise in community management with a good friend, Josh Hamman and his childhood friend, a writer at DC Comics named Geoff Johns. Geoff's growth into WB's main pillar for comics meant we had to reform as ComicBloc. This caused us to look at things such as they were and decide to become a news organization. Because why not?

Quickly we discovered: using volunteers to write, interview, parse PR, run the beat, publish, crop, editorialize was all consuming. I dunno. We got hacked badly, and I learned a lesson in off-site backups. We were doing ok and I learned a great deal about copy and content creation, but as I said above, the hack saved my life (not before I decided to scrap everything, start over, update and do it again - and get hacked again).

Anyway. I'd always wanted to tell my own little stories, just for myself, and if any friends wanted to help, so much the better. So I decided to take the IP and take everything off the front of the site except a singular purpose.

Method of Fluxion, with Keith Dallas, is a story about single dad as he copes with his daughter's puberty. He's not a sports guy, so all his analogies are analogies of his favorite comic, repackaged as parables for his daughter (over her whole life). We quickly discover that the internal monologue has gone on much further than she realizes. I was kind of getting worn down on strictly escapist webcomics. So why not explore why comics are escapist in the first place? All these friends of mine (nerds) had kids, and I found myself wondering what I would do. Without sports analogies...

So what have I learned here: community management, content creation, editorial, PR, remote backups, Shell scripts, CMSes [sic], writing, publishing, and that labors of love don't come without the labor.

"Fuck it, no one will read it anyway." Crap I say